Triumph Grill

Say Hello to Chef Norris!

We’re proud of our delicious, creative dishes that we serve our customers every day, and we know that this couldn’t be possible without our talented chefs. This month, we’re proud to spotlight the amazing Chef Norris!

Chef Norris first stepped into the kitchen scene at the age of 14 as a dishwasher for Mama’s Fish House, one of the most famous restaurants on Maui’s North Shore. From there, he worked his way up and became a chef 20 years ago.

As for what inspires Chef Norris to create his delectable dishes, he says that it’s all about people. “On Triumph Grill’s catering side, Urban Canvas Catering & Events, we will do just about anything that a client requests, so I am constantly challenged with cuisines and techniques that I may not come across in a traditional restaurant,” he said. “These requests inspire new dishes for us!”

Right now, Chef Norris is excited about one of Triumph Grill’s newest additions to the menu – grilled Mahi fish tacos with yuzu kale slaw and a spice tamarind sauce. “These tacos are a little different from the norm, so I’m interested to see how they go over,” he said.

When Chef Norris isn’t creating outstanding dishes here at Triumph Grill, he can be found going on as many adventures as he can with his awesome 4-year-old daughter. “She is really into collecting critters, skateboarding, and anything involving the water,” he continued. When cooking at home, Chef Norris likes to keep it simple most of the time with a dish that reminds him of home like a nice piece of fish or steak, fresh grilled veggies or a salad, and rice topped with Aloha soy sauce. “But all bets are off when I have my daughter because she really likes chicken nuggets and ramen,” he remarked.

Oh, and FYI – the one thing that many people don’t know about Triumph, according to Chef Norris, is that there is a fully-functional man cave in the building! To find out about that (and to savor some of Chef Norris’s fantastic creations, of course), you’ll have to stop by Triumph Grill for a culinary experience like no other!

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