The Agusta Room at Triumph Grill
Triumph Grill welcomes Private Parties to our Agusta Room. This is the inner sanctum for the sportsman motorcyclist. We have designed this room without restraint for the motorcycle enthusiast, dominated by the two motorcycles racing each other on the ceiling (a 1956 British BSA and a 1952 Czechoslovakian CZ). This room has a maximum capacity of 30 occupants and is equipped with 2 32" plasma TV's for movies or presentations, A/V hookups and wireless Internet for power point presentations. The Agusta Room is perfect for a party or business meeting.

The Alcyon Room at Trumph Grill
Cocktail party space for up to 35 people.

For further details contact our Group Sales Manager Sharon Hornbeck at

The Pursang Gallery in The Moto Museum
This is our marquee event space, capable of seating 400 people for a sit down dinner.  We believe that this may be one of the most unusual event spaces in St. Louis with its many motorcycles displayed in unique cubicles, recessed into all of the walls.  The Pursang Gallery also features full audio/visual capability and many custom lighting opportunities for any type of event.

The Pannonia Gallery in The Moto Museum
The Pannonia Gallery is 4000 square feet designed for groups of under 100 seated.  A much more intimate setting, this is ideal for cocktail parties, business meetings, or pre-event spaces when used in combination with the larger Pursang Gallery.

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If you are planning a trip to visit the Moto Museum, please call to confirm it will be open for viewing at 314-446-1805.  The Museum is also a venue and there maybe private events planned for its use during the week.  We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.