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Which Appetizer You Should Try Next, According to Your Personality

Life’s full of choices. Some are easier to make than others: Yes, you will get to work on time. Yes, you will make a pot of coffee for you and your coworkers to enjoy. No, you won’t settle for a mediocre meal after a hard day’s work; therefore, yes, you will head over with your friends to Triumph Grill.

Now here comes another choice, and this one’s not so easy: which appetizer should you try next at Triumph? After all, there are so many tantalizing dishes to choose from. Rest at ease, Triumph fan. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Here’s what you should try next, according to your personality!

For the Hip Partygoer: Flash Fried Spinach – You like playing things a little safe, but you still want to get out there and have a good time. Deep down, you’re a party animal. But you’re also patient and want to save room for that main course (or that amazing dessert you’ve been fantasizing about all day). Gotta admit, we love the way you think!

Triumph Grill Appetizer: Buffalo Chicken Queso

For the Snarky Social Butterfly: Buffalo Chicken Queso – You generally have no qualms about sharing your apps with your pals, and you aren’t afraid of getting too messy either. Honest and down-to-earth, your wit and jovial disposition draws people to you. You make a great friend – that is, as long as no one eats more of your buffalo chicken queso than you!

For the Thrill-Seeker: Calamari – You’re a legend among your friends. You’re such a daredevil that you make Evel Knievel look like a wimp. That’s why a delicious dish of flash fried calamari with pickled peppers, scallions, and wasabi aioli is in your future. Once you’ve had it, you’ll be convincing your pals to try it, too, just like you keep trying to convince them all to ride Mr. Freeze™ with you.

For the Straight-Shooter: Pretzel Bites – You are a hilarious, very honest soul. Sometimes, though, you can be too honest! Rather than dance around the situation at hand, you go straight in and tell it like it is. But because of this unfettered frankness, you are a worthy friend who deserves to enjoy this savory appetizer.

For the Health Nut: Mini Fish Tacos – To say that you care about your health is a bit of an understatement. If you’re not in the gym in the wee hours of the morning, you can be found cycling to work or drawing up meal plans for the week. That’s not to say you don’t like food. Actually, you’re a huge foodie. You love trying new things, and you certainly will indulge in your favorite foods every once in a while. So when your friends reach for one of your three mini corn tortillas filled with amazing mahi mahi, yuzu kale slaw, and tamarind sauce, kindly slap their hand away. You earned this app and you know it.

For the Life of the Party: Tempura Asparagus – Let’s face it – parties are just lame without you. But once you step over the threshold, you see your friends’ faces light up, and the shindig gets even better. And why wouldn’t it? After all, you’re young at heart and iridescent. You can’t help lighting up the room when you enter it! So indulge in some tempura asparagus for a flavorful taste that you’ll never forget.

For the Class Act: Smoked Salmon Flatbread – Elegance is your middle name. You enjoy the finer things in life and like to take life at a slower pace. You stop to smell the roses, or in this case, the amazing in-house hot smoked salmon with lemon dill goat cheese, capers, and red onion. Mmmm.

For the Dynamic Diner: Stuffed Veal Meatballs – You’re a real food lover. In fact, you might have thought about becoming a professional food critic someday, rhapsodizing every decadent bite that passes between your lips. Stubborn yet young at heart, you are usually a quiet individual – that is, until people get to know you. Celebrate layered, lively you with these extraordinary meatballs!

For the Traditionalist: House Breaded Chicken Tenders – Whoever says you’re boring is just plain wrong. Go ahead and tell them we said so. Because here’s the truth: you’re not boring – you just know what you like! Besides, you’re not only a level-headed, steadfast, and humble individual – you’re also someone who likes to add a bit of spice to the ordinary in life now and again. With soy hot sauce, blue cheese, or Red Hot Riplets sauce, our chicken tenders are a perfect reflection of who you are.

Triumph Grill Appetizer: Wagyu SlidersFor the Bold Traveler: Wagyu Sliders – If you weren’t stuck doing the life thing – you know, having a job, taking care of yourself or your family, and otherwise doing everything you can to make it to the weekend – you would be traveling. You have so many destinations to visit in mind that you don’t even know where you’d want to go first. Let us whisk you away to an Eastern shore with our wagyu sliders, which have a soy-ginger glaze, mirin pickles, and onion crisps, all on mini sweet Hawaiian rolls and served with a side of wasabi aioli and kimchee ketchup. It’s flavorful, spirited, and bold, just like you!

For the Kid at Heart: Housemade Jumbo Onion Rings – Who doesn’t like you? No one, that’s who. You’re a loyal person who tries to put others before your needs, and you love laughing at the silliest things with your friends (we’re looking at you, so-dumb-they’re-funny Vine compilations). Of course, there’s more to you than meets the eye. You take the time to really know someone before showing them your heart. Once they’ve earned your trust, you’re friends to the end! …Unless they eat that last onion ring.

So which appetizer do you need to try next? Grab your friends, match up your personalities to our appetizers and give it a shot! We know you’ll love it. See you soon!

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